Extreme Makeover

Are You a Candidate for an Extreme Makeover?


Most of us would probably like a little free body enhancement courtesy of ABC Television if we could be assured that the surgery would turn out okay and that we'd look like Hollywood stars when our recoveries were complete. Surely there's nothing wrong with better breasts, smaller noses, flatter bellies, tighter butts, more hair, less wrinkles, capped teeth and a designer wardrobe if it makes us feel more confident and happy. After all, only a few people are naturally gorgeous, so the rest of us need to work harder and save our pennies or pray like hell to be selected by television executives for extensive plastic surgery. If we have neither the money to pay nor the luck to be chosen, we simply have to buck up and resign ourselves to living lives of quiet desperation. Right?

Wrong. What if there was a less physically painful way to gain self-confidence? What if happiness doesn't really have anything to do with improving our physical selves? What if we can have better sex, give and receive more love, and earn a bigger paycheck without surgery? Would we still want to go under the knife? Probably not. Well, there is a better way to achieve self-confidence and happiness and all it requires is a short hop down the rabbit hole of the One Life Principle until we see ourselves from a completely different perspective.

Before we jump, however, we want to eliminate any confusion. We're not saying that if your nose is the size of Cyrano de Bergerac's that you shouldn't have a nose job (although he got the girl in the end without the surgery) or that if you've been in a car accident, lost a breast to cancer, or have a physical issue that really needs attended to that you shouldn't have reconstructive surgery. We can all be exceedingly grateful that in this day and age there are doctors who can fix severe physical problems. What we're talking about is our obsession with our bodies at the expense of our spiritual natures where the real power for change lies.

Simply put, the One Life Principle states that there is one single underlying power in the universe and we are all expressions of it. If this power is what we call divinity, then we are all aspects of divinity. And if we equate perfection with divinity, which most spiritual traditions do, then we are not only divine, we are perfect, just the way we are. If we have small breasts, we have perfect small breasts; if we have a big nose, we have a perfect big nose. When we align ourselves with perfection, rather than imperfection, our attitude instantly changes and we become much better able to see the unique gifts that we possess. We also begin to see the inherent beauty in everyone and everything. We stop judging and start loving and just like magic we become more attractive--physically and spiritually. When we align ourselves with perfection, we stop struggling against our imperfections and either accept them or change them without shame. The most effective extreme makeover available is the one that occurs from the inside out. Try it and see what happens.

Getting Started:

  1. Make a list of your finest qualities and update it regularly.
  2. Describe your body from the One Life perspective, e.g., "I have two perfect arms..."
  3. Start a gratitude journal and write down ten things a day that you are grateful for.
  4. Begin noticing the magical nature of life, stop dwelling on what is wrong with everyone and everything.
  5. Be supportive of yourself and others.
  6. Develop patience, extreme makeovers take time.


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