There are times in life when spiritual counseling can really help. If you are grieving — a loved one, a relationship, the past — I can help you reconnect with your deeper self. From my experience, non-judgmental, unconditional support can transform a time of deep pain into a portal of opportunity for growth and deeper spiritual connection.

As an Interfaith Minister with a Ph.D. in Divinity, I was, and still am, inspired by the words of Herman Hesse in his masterwork, Siddhartha:

A true seeker could not accept any teachings, not if he sincerely wished to find something. But he who had found, could give his approval to every path, every goal; nothing separated him from all of the other thousands who lived in eternity, who breathed the Divine.

My brand of spiritual counseling transcends traditional religious should's and should not's and focuses on getting in alignment with Source. It doesn't matter what whether we call it God, Goddess, Spirit, or Allah, when we get in alignment with it, we feel better about life and can create deeper connections with ourselves and others. We also get in sync with Nature on a deeper level and we find our relationships with animals seem more profound than before.

I can help you reconnect with your deeper self and reengage your relationship with Source.

Reach out to me and let me know how I can help.

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