As your spiritual coach, I will help you define your goals (new job, new relationship, improved quality of life) and help you create an action plan to achieve those goals. I will also provide much needed support for you during this process. Just like a good sports coach, I'll call the plays when necessary to help you improve your game. I'll help you keep the big picture in mind as we tackle the details together.

I have been a spiritual life coach for fifteen years. No dream is too big, no obstacle too troublesome for me and my clients. I use all the magic at my disposal (also known as energetic transformational techniques) like Spiritual Response Therapy, Matrix Energetics and The Emotion Code to help my clients succeed. And I stick with every client every step of the way. I just don't give up. Love is the energy behind my coaching and it works.

I have worked with aspiring dancers, actors and artists; medical doctors and therapists; marketing, advertising, sales and financial professionals; mothers and fathers; newly graduated college graduates; teachers and students.

Send me an email and tell me what's on your mind. I'd love to work with you too.


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