I use both traditional and innovative methods
to help start your evolution:


As a certified Spiritual Response Therapy consultant, I can clear programming from past lives, parallel lives, and even future lives to assist in your evolution right here and now. Just like clearing off the hard drive of your computer can make it run faster, clearing out old programming can make the spiritual evolutionary process go faster. Learn more >


As a Spiritual Counselor, I can help connect you with your deeper self when you are experiencing grief or going through a period of crisis or profound change. From my experience, non-judgmental, unconditional support can transform a time of deep pain into a portal of opportunity for growth and deeper spiritual connection. Learn more >


As your spiritual coach, I will help you define your goals (new job, new relationship, improved quality of life) and help you create an action plan to achieve those goals. I will also provide much needed support for you during this process. Just like a good sports coach, I'll call the plays when necessary to help you improve your game. I'll help you keep the big picture in mind as we tackle the details together. Learn more >


As a universal communicator, I can assist you in developing multi-dimensional awareness by helping you communicate with the deepest parts of yourself, with loved ones who have died, with animals with whom you share your life, with almost anyone or anything you need to communicate with to facilitate your evolution. Learn more >