Tami Coyne, (c) Mona Zubair

About Rev. Dr. Tami Coyne

Spiritual career and life coaching-counseling is my calling. For the past 15 years, I have had the joyful privilege of helping countless individuals navigate the sometimes rocky road of life with understanding and love. Every client is special to me. Every problem or obstacle is sacred. Every day is an opportunity to connect more deeply with both my clients and with Spirit.

My educational background is both academic and spiritual but mostly it's about communication. I'm a graduate of Smith College where I majored in French Language and Literature. I didn't know it then but I've always had this deep desire to communicate—with people and with life itself. I now see that majoring in French was a reflection of my need to communicate and my desire to understand others and to be understood.

In 1993, I found Concept-Therapy, an incredible spiritual philosophy that correlates the teachings of science and spirituality. This course of study enhanced my understanding about how life works and gave me a blueprint to make my life better by using spiritual principles.

I was well along the spiritual road when my father and a dear friend died within a year of each other. During the grieving process, two amazing things occurred. My deep desire to communicate opened up in an unexpected way and I realized that I had the ability to communicate on a soul-to-soul level with people who have died and with animals. I also decided that I wanted to dedicate my life to the spiritual path which led me to become ordained as an Interfaith Minister and to get my Ph.D. in Divinity from All Faiths Seminary and The Commonwealth Open University.

After getting my Ph.D., I discovered Spiritual Response Therapy and I became a certified practitioner. Discovering SRT felt like finding the Holy Grail. This spiritual technology "uses dowsing to bypass the conscious mind and its negative programming and connect with the subconscious and guidance within. As negative programs and blocks are identified, they are cleared and replaced with positive energy and inner peace." I have experienced some near miraculous as well as gradual results with this amazing modality and it is the anchor of my practice. I have also explored several other spiritual healing modalities, including The Healing Codes, The Emotion Code, The Body Code and Matrix Energetics—all of which I incorporate into my spiritual counseling.

Energy and spiritual healing can be effective for a wide range of issues. I am proud and happy to say that I have worked with:

I've been on the spiritual path a long time, but I'm not so airy fairy that I have no connection to the real world. I've worked in Management, Recruiting, Admissions, and Marketing. I've had a real life, real jobs, and real relationships. I'm a mom so I know how wonderful and challenging parenting can be. I'm also a writer. I am the author of Your Life's Work: A Guide to Creating a Spiritual and Successful Work Life and co-author of The Spiritual Chicks Question Everything: Lear to Risk, Release and Soar.

Shoot me an email. I'd love to set up a free 20 minute consultation to see if I can be of help.